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Visar inlägg från juni, 2018

Back Savers

How is your back? Can you not sit down without pain? Been there. I can’t heal your back, but I can tell you how good backs work and if you want to see if you can mimic that with your own training, then that’s none of my business.
This mobility warm up will do a considerable amount to get most people feeling better right away by giving them a good load distribution-simply spreading out the work load your body does throughout all the appropriate muscle groups

A pain free back is created by core stability and surrounded by strength and mobility in the hips as well as the t-spine(mid/upper back). That mobility you create with the warmup isn’t enough though and it won’t hold, so without further ado:
There are three main core exercises: plank, lateral plank (side plank), and the birddog which represent anti extension, anti-lateral flexion, and anti-rotation. There are tons of progressions (more difficult variations) for all of those exercises, but the only ones that are necessary are the bird…