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fredag 30 juni 2017

What the Narrow Pyramid Wants

Oftentimes, I give talks about the three pyramids which represent three different ways of achieving goals. Two of those ways are unacceptable: the wide and the narrow. One is perfect. Strange, but that’s often the way it is: one way. I sometimes refer to people as pyramids because the way they achieve their goals has taken over their entire lives and become their identity. The narrow pyramid is what I am talking about today: the “just do it’er;” the way of achieving the goal by going straight to it and not caring how you get there. The pushy guy or the bulldozer.

I don't think people understand the extent to which the narrow pyramid wants you to exert yourself to achieve your goals. The extent is infinite. Furthermore, people in general don’t realize that they are surrounded by extremists and people who are just a few compensations away from total chaos. The people you fear are amongst you.  And you are likely one of the people that other people fear.  

The narrow pyramid, or the person that immediately goes straight to goal and doesn’t care how s/he gets there wants you to hurt yourself in the process of achieving your goals. They want you to break open. They want an explosion. They want you to achieve regardless of what obstacle is put before you. They want pure belief, doubtlessness. They want you to kill the part of yourself that isn’t you. They want you to sacrifice. It doesn’t feel good if it isn’t achieved that way: a way that hurts. They want you to be on your edge. They often times mask their desires and true feelings(like everyone else: that's how we all get along), but the truth is that the narrow pyramid wants you to die.  Deep down inside.  

The reason the narrow pyramid person often times comes out on top is, quite simply, because we overestimate the dangers of the things we are scared of and uncomfortable with. There is nothing inherently dangerous in being a telemarketer, for instance, or someone who walks the street trying to get people to donate money to a cause they really don’t believe in. You might feel like there is a line somewhere where you need to take a break or something bad will happen, but that is likely a figment of your imagination. 

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