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The Power of Repentence and Forgiveness

That is a man who carried a burden for roughly 75yrs and at 16:50, he let go of it.

As I have said on numerous occassions before, I believe in right and wrong. I didn't before I started PT, I do now. It is not quite as well developed as Americans would have you believe, but neither is it as gray as modern Swedes would have you believe. Some things are so closely associated with right and wrong that it would take only the most disassociated, toughest people on Earth be able to live through without compensation.

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article about a guy that had been living a double life, cheating on his wife with "hundreds" of women and even had a kid with someone else behind her back. The wife, and the other women, were, of course, the victims, but I wouldn't want to be that guy. Not because of something bad that the women are going to do to him, but because of what I believe he does and will continue to do to himself.

There is a pattern that is responsible for specific acts and it is responsible for more than just the bad, but the good also. It is general. Once you associate it with something bad, you lose both the bad and the good. That guy isn't just going to associate cheating with ruining his life, but openness, fun, faith, and doubtlessness as well...the precursers to many of the good things in Life. Those were the general patterns responsible to his specific actions.

People have a tendency to think they get away with things. They don't. Their beliefs are deeply rooted whether or not they are conscious of them, deeply rooted. In addition to that, life is set up in such a way that even without a history that tells us what is right and wrong, certain things are leaning heavily to one side or the other(in all of our cultures): cheating, lying...even more serious things.

Swedes are living life the way they want, trying not to judge or label anything ("så länge man inte lägger någon värdering i det") even in borderline extreme cases.

Americans are trying to live a life they way they want despite bad things they have done or have been done to them ("you got to keep going, no matter what!")

Christians are accepting Jesus and assuming the job is done.

None of those things are true.

What do you believe? Is what was done to you or what you did in line with those beliefs? If not, let it go. That is forgiveness. It means to erase. It actually does, practically speaking, mean to forget. And repentence means to learn from. What happened? Why was that no good? Is it in line with your higher beliefs? If no, repent and let it go(forgive).

One last note, remembering isn't something you need to do to protect yourself from future crimes. A person't character is visible in everything they do. You don't need to remember(hold onto) what they did to you to protect yourself.


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