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torsdag 2 februari 2017

Objective Policies

I'm coming on having lived in both Sweden and the United States, respectively, exactly half of my life. With more perspective, I have decided that there is a good way to govern a country and neither one of them are doing it. I am in love with the original American idea and I am in love with Swedish environmentalism. I hate abuse. Both Swedes and Americans abuse their rights. The issue is, of course, that the things they are abusing aren't, in fact, theirs.

In the future, I think everyone is going to find that the most pleasant place to live is the one where everyone takes care of themselves as well as the things that they commonly own. I think in the future, governments or states will hold themselves to things that the people "own."

The deliciously Scandinavian idea that we all own the environment is one it doesn't take a genius to figure out: you pollute your water, you pollute my water. You pollute your air, you pollute my air.

Niether is the idea of American individualism hard to prove: Our lives are all ours to such an extent that even people from the worst possible, almost unthinkable, circumstances can and do succeed on a daily basis. They are not all becoming millionaires but health, spiritual wealth, and love are all ours for the taking. Swedes actually don't think that is true. I think the idea of welfare is a dying one.

Americans are single handedly ruining the Earth we live on with destructive environmental practices. Swedes are spreading depression and complacency telling everyone it is well-being. The one is not owning enough. The other is owning too much.

Travelling has taught me that my general impression of wherever I am is highly dependant on simply how clean and tidy it is: how well are they taking care of this place? A lot of well being comes from the general environment you reside in, not necessarily climate, rather atmosphere; your impression of the stuff that isn't "stuff" the public lawns look, how much litter there is lying on the ground, how much graffiti there is. After that, the behavior of the inhabitants: are they taking care of theirs or are they blaming everything on someone else? "It's not MY FAULT!"

You can determine the future by determining what the truth is. The truth is that we all own the atmosphere we reside in and the Earth we live on. We as individuals all own our mental health to a great degree and just as much our physical-although, we are not as conscious of it at the moment. No one is going to keep paying for these things once they realize that someone else owns them. Everyone is going to start paying for things like the environment once they realize that they all own it.

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