Fortsätt till huvudinnehåll


Det här är en present till mig själv. Jag går hos Leg. sjuksköterska Jesper Gustavii på Stockholms Lasermottaggning på Stora Essingen.

Jag har velat göra det länge.

Jag hade en lärare i highschool som sade att han "inte ångrade mycket"...alltså att han lärde sig från sina misstag och därför ångrade inte de. Jag kan ärligt säga att jag resonerar mycket med det, men jag ångrar de här tatueringarna...  

Ibland kan jag vakna på morgonen och min tatuering är det första jag ser och så tänker jag..."ok...det ser ut som att jag har ritat på min arm." Jag finner kroppen helig nu och de här tatueringarna gör inte den mer helig, det är en sak som är säker. Jag skulle inte rita på det idag. Jag skulle inte pierca det. Jag har länge velat ha en ren arm för att jag är inte den människan längre, om jag ska vara helt ärlig.

Jag resonerar inte med det ytliga överhuvudtaget just nu: allt från ytliga känslor till enbart fokus på hur man ser ut...jag har blivit allergisk.  


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Cook your biceps!

A lot of my guys have arm issues and I am sure it is the same for a lot of trainers. Biceps work is fun to do and, contrary to what a lot of modern day trainers still believe, direct bicep work is necessary. It used to be that people would let their clients' heavy back work take care of their biceps as well, but I have only found that to be a failure in all of my clients, maybe because of the first major point I make in this article(see below). For us drug free, health focused trainers, it is important to have as much information as possible at our disposal so we can get whatever edge we can. So, without further ado: let's cook the biceps!

The area of the body that you think of as the biceps, the front of the upper arm, has three main functions. The issue is that the primary function of the biceps might not be what you think it is. Upon researching for this article, I learned that there is a considerable amount of disagreement on the subject of whether or not the biceps primar…

The Lion and the Slave: Coaching Backward

"I was at [the] top of my game when I was in combat....To me, it's a little distressing to realize I was at my best doing something as terrible as war."-Robert Rheault US special forces. *source at end of article 
That PBS Vietnam war documentary re-confirmed my now strong beliefs about the subject I have written about below: forgiveness. A lot of those guys mix up some very good feelings with some very bad things. That causes problems later in life and requires a process similar to the one I am suggesting in this article. 
There are two well known kid's stories that represent the theme of this blogg article very well: the Lion and the Slave, and the Pea and the Princess. The idea is that you have to get rid of the bad, not just keep focusing on the good. "Repentence and forgiveness" is what it is called in old world talk, but is really the process of learning from, getting to the truth, and letting go of. 

You are limited by your beliefs. Your beliefs come…

The Perfect Butt

This subject contains within it one of my pet peeves: people searching endlessly for the right exercise to build their butts.

The glutes are the biggest muscle group in the body and absolutely critical to your well being. If it is hard to find an exercise that really works yours, then something is wrong, unfortunately. That'd be like someone having a hard time finding an exercise that works their heart or something. It just shouldn't be that difficult. It happens to be the case for a lot of people out there though, and it just so happens that it is an easily resolvable issue for most of them. 

This brings me to my first point: make all of your leg exercises more glute dominant by plugging of some of your energy leaks.
I feel compelled to inform you that the primary reason the glutes are not developed in most people is because of inactivation which is the result of core instability and recipricol inhibition, which is when a muscle group is recieving less signal from the brain and…