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Lessons from a personal trainer

I read an article about life's lessons from people 37 years of age and older to people in their 30s. It was decent, but I felt like it was missing something: truth. I meet so many people in my line of work. I'd like to share with you what they've said or made clear to me.

1. Get on your life's path-“If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”-Einstein. That is number one because I am aware of it more than any other. Everyone needs a life's goal. The people without it are total wrecks.

2. Adopt a new family, cherish the family you love. A lot of people were born into families that they hate. Then married into families that they love. I suggest you let that happen if that is the hand that you are dealt. The advice about getting rid of the negetivity around you goes for the family you were born into as well.

3. Cherish your circle of friends. Your spouse and kids are your real family most often, then your friends.

4. Have kids later rather than sooner. Every single one of my clients that waited to have kids is happier than the ones that rushed into having them around 30. There is not a single exception.

5. One person has to play the leading role in your relationship and one person has to play the supporting role. Hybrid couples are not happy and are less attracted to one another. Generally men play the lead and women play the support. It doesn't have to be that way. Most couples are happiest that way.

6. Your learned traits will take you much farther than your born traits. My 55+ year olds are almost all further along physically than my 20 year olds. Their work ethic is so greatly better than the work ethic of a 20 year old that the difference in physicality plays little actual roll.

7. Your alcohol habits will catch up to you. Many of my clients over the years have developed a whole new definition of alcoholism that literally no one else in the entire world agrees with. Many people believe their circle of friends is the entire world.

*Bonus Tip: Take time to get to know yourself. Spend time in silence. The more the better. It says a lot of a person that can handle their own thoughts. Get to know your life's plan: the thing you are here to learn or do. Reunite with that plan, be conscious of it as much as is humanly possible.


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Cook your biceps!

A lot of my guys have arm issues and I am sure it is the same for a lot of trainers. Biceps work is fun to do and, contrary to what a lot of modern day trainers still believe, direct bicep work is necessary. It used to be that people would let their clients' heavy back work take care of their biceps as well, but I have only found that to be a failure in all of my clients, maybe because of the first major point I make in this article(see below). For us drug free, health focused trainers, it is important to have as much information as possible at our disposal so we can get whatever edge we can. So, without further ado: let's cook the biceps!

The area of the body that you think of as the biceps, the front of the upper arm, has three main functions. The issue is that the primary function of the biceps might not be what you think it is. Upon researching for this article, I learned that there is a considerable amount of disagreement on the subject of whether or not the biceps primar…

The Lion and the Slave: Coaching Backward

"I was at [the] top of my game when I was in combat....To me, it's a little distressing to realize I was at my best doing something as terrible as war."-Robert Rheault US special forces. *source at end of article 
That PBS Vietnam war documentary re-confirmed my now strong beliefs about the subject I have written about below: forgiveness. A lot of those guys mix up some very good feelings with some very bad things. That causes problems later in life and requires a process similar to the one I am suggesting in this article. 
There are two well known kid's stories that represent the theme of this blogg article very well: the Lion and the Slave, and the Pea and the Princess. The idea is that you have to get rid of the bad, not just keep focusing on the good. "Repentence and forgiveness" is what it is called in old world talk, but is really the process of learning from, getting to the truth, and letting go of. 

You are limited by your beliefs. Your beliefs come…

The Lion and the Slave Pt2: Coaching forward

So what do you do when you don’t have anything holding you back anymore? That whole segment on coaching backward was meant to get rid of things holding you back. Well...then you move forward.

Prior to beginning though, I feel compelled to tell you that there is a “coaching backward”  because people’s forward movement, the way they reach their goals, isn’t that great. They cause some problems and then they have to go back and fix them before they can move forward again. So, we want a way to move forward that is going to get us as much in the way of results as possible while causing as little problems as possible. That’s where traditional coaching comes into play. 

Coaching is quite simply a way of conversing, primarily via questions, that helps one person get to the highest truth already within them or in between the two of them. You’ve got a million different options for action, or things that you could do to reach your goal, and you need to know which ones are best. You find the answe…